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Anxiety and Phobias


Anxiety and Phobias can feel like your mind is in a perpetual state of storms. 

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

Physical symptoms: racing heart rate, rapid breathing, nausea, restlessness, tightness in chest, lightheaded, lump in throat, difficulty catching breath, feelings of panic, etc.

Cognitive symptoms: Worry, rumination, feeling consumed by thought, difficulty staying in the present moment, consumed by thoughts of future, thoughts of impending doom and dread

Behaviors of anxiety:  avoidance, desire to control, perfectionism, excessive planning, etc.

Treatment of Anxiety:

I utilize Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT,) Mindfulness strategies and Acceptance strategies to target reduction of anxiety symptoms. CBT looks at patterns of thinking and behavior that feeds anxiety symptoms and employs thoughtful strategies to change these patterns of thinking and behaving that feed anxiety. Mindfulness training focuses on learning to continually and repeatedly notice where the mind and attention drift towards and bringing them back to the present moment. Acceptance strategies are helpful in the treatment of anxiety as doubt and uncertainty can feed patterns of anxiety and learning to tolerate feelings of doubt and uncertainty can help decrease anxiety in a long term, sustainable way.

All humans experience feelings of anxiety in their daily lives. Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Anxiety disorders are characterized by persistent, frequent, and intense levels anxiety that is affecting your ability to function and live a meaningful, values driven life.

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